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Zebra Finch Diet

Basic Diet

The basic food of a Zebra finch is seeds.  Various varieties of millet is their staple.  Buy a commercially prepared mix.  This will be a balanced mix and this will do very well for your birds.  It needs to be fresh, so donít buy a fifty pound bag for two birds.  Buy an amount that will be used up in about a month.  Their seed cup should always have seed in it.  They will regulate how much they need to eat.

Keep their water fresh and clean daily.  How would you like to drink water that has been sitting out for a week and probably has some seeds in it?

All birds need grit (sand).  They use this to grind their food, for they do not have teeth. Buy a commercial gravel/grit mixture.  Buy one that also has minerals added, like oyster shell and charcoal.  A vitamin additive can be purchased to be added to the food or water.  This is not a requirement if the rest of the diet in balanced.

Fresh foods from your kitchen are an optional source for a balanced diet.  Different individual birds will have different likes and dislikes.  You will have to experiment with a variety of food items.  Frozen mixed vegetables (thawed), sprouts (alfalfa, etc), hard boiled egg (mashed), lettuce, spinach, bread crumbs, and corn bread.  Most natural foods can be fed to your birds.  Just donít feed extremes like peppers, cabbage, etc.  Be sure to feed only the amount of fresh food that will be consumed before it spoils.  Remove any that they do not eat.

Egg shells are a good source of calcium.  When you have eggs for breakfast, rinse the shells and microwave them for four minutes to kill salmonella, etc.  Put them in your bird cage and the birds will go wild for them.

You should also supply cuttlebone for your birds.  This can be purchased at the pet store. It is a white and about 2x5 inches.  Hang it on the side of the cage and the birds will peck at it.

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