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About myself and my birds

My name is Duane Johnson.  I live in Minneapolis Minnesota.  I am manager of software development for a large national CPA/Consulting firm.  I have been programming PCs for over twenty years.  I grew up on a farm in central Minnesota.  I have been in Minneapolis since high school graduation.

I have been raising finches for 25+ years.  I have had many kinds of finches but the one I have had the entire time is the Zebra finch.  I normally have between 50 and 200 birds.  Currently I have only Zebra finches.  I have had most of the color variations, with the black varieties and orange breast varieties being my favorites.

I have a room in my basement about 10x10 feet.  I house my Zebras in home made cages that average 20x20x20 inches. (view cages)  They have dividers between each, so I can take out the dividers and make the cages 20x20x40 or 60 or 80 long.  I have 36 20x20x20 cages.  I use wood nest boxes hanging on the outside of the cage, approximately 5x5x5 inches.  (view nest box)  I use full spectrum fluorescent lighting with a timer to give 12 to 16 hours of light a day.

If you are interested, here is a picture of me. 

A few years ago I discovered the exciting ostrich industry and decided to join in and bought a 100 acre farm.  Ostriches are the great new agricultural animal, raised for meat and leather.  I purchased three trios (1 male, 2 hens) of breeder ostriches.   I had chicks running in their pens, growing very fast.  Because of reasons beyond my control I needed to sell the farm and move back to the city.  Still being interested in ostriches, I have put some information about them here for you to read and pictures to see. To read and see more about ostriches, go to:     www.Ostrichs.net

If you have comments or questions, email me at info@zbirds.com